Dan Levy - Broker/General Manager

Dan Levy is just a phone call away for real estate agents needing urgent, on-the-spot advice. With over 50 years experience in the industry, Dan is a true veteran. He’s enjoyed the trenches with a successful career in both residential and commercial real estate.

For decades since, Dan has honed his coaching, training and mentoring expertise with major brokerages. His priority as Broker/Manager at Royal LePage Realty Plus is guiding agents to discover their unique strengths and to realize their ultimate potential.

Helping new real estate agents master the ropes

“In this industry,” Dan says, “fifty percent of one’s business is simply showing up. The other 50% is knowing what to say and do once you arrive. This is where we excel.”

Resources and training programs provide agents with the skill set they need to compete. “A lot of new agents don’t really know how far they can go,” says Dan, “it’s our job to show them how self-accountability will cause personal and financial power.”

Most people looking into the business don’t appreciate the level of commitment it takes to reach their goals. Dan says real estate is tough because it’s competitive and takes a huge commitment but it’s easy in the sense that there are no barriers. “Earning power is unlimited for the confident self-starter,” Dan says.

“Not everyone will make it. Not everyone will earn three or four million dollars a year because not everyone is prepared to give what it takes,” he says, “but when someone leaves a job paying $50,000 to $75,000 annually to earn $150,000 or $250,000 with us, they’ve evolved. That’s achievement.”

Helping experienced real estate agents surpass their expectations

Although he’s faced every imaginable market, hiccup and obstacle, Dan Levy says: “Anyone who thinks they know all there is to real estate is kidding themselves. I’ve been in the industry over 50 years and I’m still learning.”

Dan feels many real estate agents with mediocre earnings could be exceeding their own expectations. “How is it that agents coming from another brokerage can join us and double their income in 18 months?” he asks.

First, the management team boasts a combined 100 years of experience in real estate. Dan says this translates to lead generation ideas that agents have never heard of – ways to expose themselves to consumers on a whole new level.

Second, Dan invests in building strong relationships to support an exchange of information. His goal is to reveal each agent’s personal, unique trigger for success. “It’s not about dishing out the same message all agents get from all brokerages,” he explains, “The message needs to resonate with the individual.”

“Everyone is unique and everyone has this pearl, this hot button at their core. It’s our job to find it so they can activate their talents and grow – to write their own ticket and surpass their goals.” Dan says, “The life of a real estate practitioner is like none other. It offers independence, being your own boss and the potential of unlimited income but most importantly, it offers a very high level of job satisfaction.”